Should I Pay My Traffic Ticket?

Information from Our Fayetteville Traffic Ticket Lawyer

After being cited for a traffic offense, you may not know which legal direction to take to beat your ticket. It may seem like the easier option is to just pay the ticket and put the whole matter behind you. That is not always the best option, however.

Tickets are often handed out in situations when the officer knows that the ticket can be beat if the driver puts up a fight, but that very few individuals actually will contest the ticket. Negative consequences can occur if you simply pay your traffic ticket without first assessing all of your options.

If you do not fight the ticket, some of the negative consequences that could result include:

  • Lose your driving privileges
  • Paying for higher insurance premiums
  • Paying a hefty fine
  • Having the ticket appear on your driving record
  • Spending money / hours in traffic school to clear your record

Should I fight my ticket?

If there is any chance of winning your case, it is important to take the steps necessary to pursue a favorable result. You will want to discuss your case with our firm to find out what options you have available. Our firm can test the legality of your ticket!

We can fight for you!

At Plyler Law Firm, P.A., we have provided zealous representation since 2000 and continue to offer dedicated legal guidance. Our full-service law firm in Fayetteville, North Carolina is committed to helping individuals fight their traffic tickets in pursuit of a positive result.

As an experienced traffic ticket lawyer in Fayetteville, our objective will be to get your traffic ticket reduced or dismissed. We can evaluate the matter to determine whether there are mistakes on your traffic ticket and assess what action to pursue.

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