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When it comes to estate planning, measures can be taken to protect your estate to ensure that your assets and loved ones left behind are taken care of and not left with the stress of having to figure out what you would have wanted or having to defer to a probate judge's decisions. A will is a document that provides instructions that can be followed by your executor after you have passed away. At the Plyler Law Firm, P.A., we provide you with the ample legal assistance you need to address all of the necessary aspects related to drafting a will.

Wills are a fundamental resource used to ensure that all of your wishes will legally be upheld. After you cannot communicate your desires because you have become incapacitated or have passed away, you can use a will to be your voice. A Fayetteville lawyer from our firm can provide you with the advice your legal documents can serve as your voice. Our Fayetteville wills attorney can help you through each phase of creating the best type of will for you and ensuring its validity.

Types of Wills

As you investigate the topic of a will, you may soon realize that there are different forms available in the state of North Carolina. Creating a will involves many different elements, including distinguishing between the types available to you. A testator, or person creating a will, can use any of the following methods:

Attested Wills
Most individuals use attested wills, which are typed or printed and signed by the testator and two competent witnesses. Witnesses of the testator will need to see the signing of the will by the testator or hear him or her declare the will.

Handwritten Wills
Residents of North Carolina have the option to choose to create a handwritten will, also called a "holographic" will. Testators make holographic wills when they write the entire document in their own handwriting and sign the document on their own. Handwritten wills cannot be signed by someone else on behalf of the testator.

Oral Wills
North Carolina is one of few states to recognize oral wills as a valid form of wills. In the North Carolina statutes, oral wills are known as "nuncupative" wills. Anyone making an oral will must be very sick or in be in peril of death for it to be valid.

Understanding your case is important to choosing the right type of will. Our attorney can help determine which would be the best choice for your particular circumstances. At the Plyler Law Firm, P.A., we are dedicated to providing insightful legal assistance with your wills, a portion of comprehensive estate planning. Since 2000, we have been helping clients and continually dedicate our time to providing high-quality guidance. Contact us today!

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