Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycles are often linked to the most dangerous of traffic collisions in North Carolina and, indeed, the rest of the country. The quick and speedy vehicles provide no actual protection to their riders, and their small size makes them vulnerable to virtually every other vehicle on the roads. In fact, some studies show that 4 out of every 5 motorcycle accidents will result in serious or fatal injury to the rider.

If you are a motorcycle rider, one of the keys to preventing yourself from being caught in a devastating motorcycle accident is knowing their common causes:

  • Left-hand intersections: More than 40% of all motorcycle accidents are caused by a car making a left-hand turn through an intersection; indeed, such collisions are also incredibly common among accidents involving just automobiles. Drivers often underestimate the speed of oncoming traffic and try to shoot through the intersection when it is not safe. As a motorcycle is smaller and faster than a car, drivers may find it difficult to actually perceive the velocity of the motorcycle.
  • Lane splitting: When a motorcyclist rides between cars, this is known as lane splitting. This is a common practice among all motorcycle riders, despite it being outright dangerous. Drivers rarely check mirrors for a motorcycle coming up between them and the adjacent lane and may unexpectedly swerve into riders. If traffic is stopped, they could even open their door, perhaps for fresh air, and strike the rider. The best practice is usually to behave as if your motorcycle is a full-sized vehicle and never lane split.
  • Weather conditions: Contrary to popular belief, most motorcycles actually do not have better braking capabilities than cars, likely due to the reduced surface area of tires touching the road. When the highways are slick with rain or dirties with debris, it can be difficult for a rider to stop in time to avoid collisions or losing control of their motorcycle. When weather or road conditions are adverse, you should slow down.

Getting You On Two Wheels Again

At Plyler Law Firm, P.A., our Fayetteville personal injury lawyers understand that after you have been in a motorcycle accident, litigation might be necessary to get you the compensation you deserve. Blame is often unfairly shifted to motorcyclists, as it is assumed by insurance providers and others that it is inherently difficult for riders to control their vehicles. When you team up with our highly-experienced team, we will do all we can to build your case and challenge this assumption.

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