How Child Support is Decided in North Carolina

Every state has its own set of guidelines that are used when determining each parents' child support obligations. In North Carolina, child support is calculated according to the child support guidelines issued by the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services. Factors a judge will use when deciding to aware child support include each parent's monthly gross income, which parent will retain custody of the child, the number of other children from this or prior relationships, if there are any pre-existing child support payment agreements, childcare costs, health insurance costs and whether there are any other extraordinary expenses.

In cases where a couple plans to have shared custody of their child, the court will also look at how many overnights the child will spend with each parent. Not all child support issues are handled in family court. Child support agreements can be established with a Voluntary Support Agreement signed by a judge, in a civil court action brought about by the custodial parent, as part of divorce order, or by requesting legal action through a criminal court.

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