Animal Attacks in North Carolina

Fayetteville Personal Injury Attorney

Many individuals have become fearful of dogs, cats, or other animals because they experienced an animal attack earlier in life. Dog bites and other forms of attack can change one's perspective on animals and result in significant physical injuries such as scarring. Animal owners have the responsibility to ensure the safety of other people around their animals.

North Carolina Dog Bite Law

North Carolina does not provide for strict liability in animal attack cases but rather focuses on statutory law to govern the rights of people who have been injured. Victims of dog bites in North Carolina may have a difficult time obtaining compensation and winning their cases without the aggressive representation of a Fayetteville personal injury attorney from our firm. North Carolina's dog bite statute imposes a prohibition against dogs over a certain age and applies only at night. The Running at Large Statute in §67-12 of the North Carolina Code is designed to protect both animal owners and people in general by requiring owners to keep animals responsibly confined or leashed.

In many situations involving dog bites and other animal attacks, taking the case to trial will be the only possible option to recover damages. At the Plyler Law Firm, P.A., we have been practicing personal injury law since 2000, and our legal team has decades of experience. We use all of our available resources and tools to develop a solid argument for every case. Contact a Fayetteville animal attack attorney today to take the steps necessary to recover from these losses.